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"Know What They Are Saying About The Trivedi Effect"

  1. Susan S.
    I’ve always been an extremely light sleeper; no one was supposed to move around in my house when I was asleep because any little ..."

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  2. Radha B.
    I feel more happiness, more peace, more love, and balance, and money seems to fall in my hand. ..."

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  3. Ellia M.
    Since receiving Energy Transmissions (starting in May) I am able to connect with others from a much deeper place of authenticity a ..."

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  4. Carola S.
    After coming home from L. A., I got an active herpes sore just outside my mouth and I started to put the Trivedi Water™ on it se ..."

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  5. Lezley W.
    Wow. Feeling so very blessed, peaceful. I had so many questions but am so comfortable and happy. Thank you Guruji. So thankful for ..."

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  6. Eileen M.
    When I first heard Guruji say a couple of years ago that this energy meditates for us, I was so relieved. I had struggled so much ..."

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  7. Judith S.
    I’m in a new job which came unexpectedly. While it isn’t what I want to do I am able to be productive and be happy no matter w ..."

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  8. Janice C.
    Thank you for having this special call.I am happy to report that since I learnt to be practical and to work at the tasks of my cho ..."

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  9. Victoria V.
    Thank you to Guruji and Alice! After attending Guruji’s conference in San Diego, a number of years ago, I have had a couple of m ..."

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  10. Lezley W.
    Oh my goodness I am so delighted to be here this evening! Feeling so very blessed these days and am really looking forward to Guru ..."

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Experience the experiences

Thank you MAHENDRA TRIVEDI and ALICE BRANTON for tonight‘s discourse and Energy Transmissions. Alice, the information you shared about opening to the unknown and what I think I know was exactly what I needed to hear.Deep gratitude for sharing your truth. I believe this will create a much bigger shift in my life.

-Donna Alija-

The Master of Transformation – Mahendra Trivedi is showing us the way to divine spirit that moves through everything. As we learn to use it diligently in our lives!!!! I wondered why it was important to prove that Energy Transmissions works… I m now understanding the value of it!

- Alishaa A.

John Reilly on Energy Transmission

- John Reilly.


Thank you…it works I know with that one free Master Energy Transmission Program. I was calm next day. I have been on a hoping ride that all will finally go well for me and unblock this rut I am in. Thank you Mahendra Trivedi.

- Carole l.

Krista C.
Thank you Guruji and Alice for this amazing transformation! For the first time in so long I feel myself beginning to relax into this Divine Energy and allow myself to flow with it. There is a stark contrast from all the struggle and agitation I was causing myself by trying to "figure it all out right now" There is such a simple, beautiful flow when I step back and allow the Divine to bring what is appropriate for me. I feel deeply connected to the Earth and the Divine Mother. Thank you!
Robert on Trivedi Effect

Mr. Robert.


Amazing Energy Transmission from Mahendra Trivedi, thank you so much.Trusting that at 71 years young my guides will find a way to take me back to England from South Africa. To be back with my children and work again healing people. In Love and Light Vera.

- Vera S.

Keith Shares his Experience

Keith A.

Guruji has been blessing for my cousin, Leslie Mansfield, who has been battling leukemia. She came through the other side and had her bone marrow test, which included a DNA test. She carried the BRCA1 gene for breast cancer, which she recovered from last year. Unfortunately, the radiation for breast cancer caused the leukemia. The results of the recent testing astounded the doctors.
Leslie's husband, Richard, told me that not only were there no cancer cells in the bone marrow, but that the BRCA1 gene was now normal. The doctor was amazed because there is no explanation for this. The chemotherapy she was on does not repair DNA.
I told Richard, that it was my understanding the Guruji works on the cellular level and that his goal is to repair DNA, the personal blueprint of a person. Also, I want him to know about these results, as they are apparently medically impossible. Thank you!
Cathryn Johnson Cathryn J.