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"In October 2010 I fell, breaking my neck and sustaining a spinal chord injury causing me to be paralyzed from my neck down. I was told I would never walk again, I would never have any bladder or bowel function and that I would basically be living in a motorized chair… However, defying all science and what I was being told by every doctor and nurse, I was able to walk within less than a year and as I am now, I have full bladder and bowel function and the doctors all say that I am a miracle… Mr. Trivedi has changed my life. The Trivedi Effect® has changed my life. " - Donna Alija
John Reilly on Energy Transmission

- John Reilly

" Guruji, this was truly a miraculous event. At my wife’s next appointment with the doctor, he wanted to know what other medication she had taken because almost all of her medical reports were NORMAL! We said she had taken nothing else other than what he [the doctor] had prescribed. He just shook his head in disbelief because he had never known any other case of Lupus Erithrotosis where such a vast improvement had occurred within a month. He reduced her medication gradually, because he wanted to be very cautious, and now she takes just half a tablet of Prediscelone every other day, whereas formally she had to take 4-6 tablets a day. Her hair falling has reduced and she is now a much happier person."- Lincoln J.
Robert on Trivedi Effect

Robert B.

Keith Shares his Experience

Keith A.

"Guruji has been blessing my cousin, Leslie Mansfield, who has been battling leukemia. She came through the other side and had her bone marrow test, which included a DNA test. She carried the BRCA1 gene for breast cancer, which she recovered from last year. Unfortunately, the radiation for breast cancer caused the leukemia. The results of the recent testing astounded the doctors. Leslie's husband, Richard, told me that not only were there no cancer cells in the bone marrow, but that the BRCA1 gene was now normal. The doctor was amazed because there is no explanation for this. The chemotherapy she was on does not repair DNA. I told Richard that it was my understanding that Guruji works on the cellular level and that his goal is to repair DNA, the personal blueprint of a person. Also, I want him to know about these results as they are apparently medically impossible. Thank you! "
Cathryn Johnson Cathryn J.