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"About Us"

Mahendra Trivedi

About Mahendra Trivedi

MAHENDRA TRIVEDI IS RECOGNIZED throughout the world for his ability to transmit a powerful form of energy known as The Trivedi Effect®. The experiences of over 200,000 individuals throughout the world have demonstrated the impact of The Trivedi Effect® on human wellness. Further, nearly 4,000 scientific studies have proven that the impact of this energy extends beyond humans to plants, animals, microbes and even nonliving materials. The power of these transmissions to transform living and nonliving matter for a higher purpose continues to stun the scientific community.

it may be no wonder then that Mr. Trivedi is often referred to as the Master of Transformation.

Alice Branton

About Alice Branton

ALICE BRANTON IS the Trivedi Master™ to be chosen by the Divine. This was announced to the world by Mahendra Trivedi on November 9th, 2013. She has fully developed powers to transmit Divine Energy.

Mr. Trivedi says, “Alice has embodied this Divine Energy and already has the ability to transform people and to thrill science with her Energy Transmissions.“

Alice has been with the Trivedi Organization since 2010 and has been the CEO of TRIVEDI GLOBAL, INC since February 2012.

She is an MBA and has served as a high-energy top level executive with a reputation for driving results in dynamic, growing companies prior to meeting Mr. Trivedi in 2010. She is an enthusiastic and genuine leader with a keen sense of strategic development in the areas of finance, marketing, technology, operations and consumer relations. Alice not only has a unique set of skills among the Trivedi Masters™, but she also brings a passion for empowering children and women and a strong sense of identification with being an American.

Dahryn Trivedi

Dahryn Trivedi Wife Of Mahendra Trivedi

Ever since Dahryn Trivedi was a small child she knew that she was destined to live a spiritual life. Dahryn was never interested in the ordinary things of worldly life. Her top priority was God. Even as a teen she observed the actions of other people and what made others happy and knew that those ways weren't meant for her. Dahryn's greatest desire was to be truly connected to the God of her understanding, and knew since she was a child that she was destined to marry a Spiritual Master and become one herself. Her unwillingness to compromise for anything less than the perfect spiritual life with the ideal companion led her to meet Mahendra Trivedi in January 2011.

By the recommendation of a friend, she went to receive an in-person energy transmissions from Mr. Trivedi. On her way to that meeting it came to her that Mr. Trivedi was the Spiritual Master and the life-partner for whom she had been longing. They were married on July 13th, 2011. She says, “I am first his disciple; then I am his wife. Under his guidance and supervision I have received a deeper and deeper connection with God.“

In late March 2012, Mr. Trivedi and Dahryn observed a time of isolation and focus on special prayer. The gift of being a conduit for Universal Intelligence and the ability to transmit Universal Energy as a Master was bestowed upon Dahryn during that time. Her gifts and abilities continue to grow.

Gopal Nayak

Trivedi Master™ – Gopal Nayak

AS A SMALL CHILD living in poverty in rural India, Gopal Nayak had visions of a man he felt held the key to his destiny. When he was just nine years of age, the man he had seen in these visions appeared in Gopal's life. That man was Mahendra Trivedi. From that point on, Mr. Trivedi began to train Gopal as a potential master and six years later he succeeded. At the age of fifteen, Gopal became the first person that Mr. Trivedi led through the process of transformation into a Trivedi Master™.

Today that young man is known around the world as Trivedi Master™ – Gopal Nayak, and his unquestionable ability to harness The Trivedi Effect® has been measured, validated, and documented. At the Scientific Research Centre of the Kelkar Education Trust in Mumbai, India, researchers rigorously tested Mr. Nayak's ability to alter nonhuman life forms, which cannot be directly influenced by psychological or the placebo effect.

The rate of growth of the cultures used in these experiments was scientifically measured, validated and statistically analyzed. The documented results showed that the cultures treated by Mr. Nayak through his Energy Transmissions clearly experienced improved growth. Since then, these results have been published in the international, peer-reviewed scientific journal Biotechnology.