Trivedi Products

Name Country Testimonial
Laurie M I bought a 24 bottle case of Trivedi Water™ during Mr. Trivedi’s visit to Phoenix in September, and another case at the retreat in L.A.  Not only is the water very hydrating, but I have also noticed that it makes me feel much more mentally clear and energized.  I also put some of the water in a watering can for my vegetable and herb garden.  Everything is absolutely taking off.  The only thing I have done is water them with Trivedi Water™.  I haven’t used any fertilizer.  I also like to stay fit for my physical and mental well being, so I exercise at least three times a week.  I have been taking the Trivedi Probiotics™ for about two weeks since the L.A. Retreat.  Even though I had to back off my regular exercise routine for a couple of weeks, I got right back into my workouts without missing a beat.  I seem to have more stamina and strength than some of the people who are much younger than I am and who did not have any lag in their workouts.  I really feel like I am top of the world with these products.  I really can’t say enough for the whole integrated Trivedi Program.  When I look at myself a year ago I feel as though I am a whole new person, full of energy and life.  I am so excited to see what the coming year will bring.
Cori I’m 56 years old.  Regular elimination has been a problem since I was born. I’m using the probiotics and am experiencing being regular with soft, long, well-formed and easy to pass stools two to three times a day for the first time in my life.  I look forward to proper elimination for many years to come.