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Before I felt positive inside, but was not always able to make the outward changes. Now I notice that I soak up material much easier and believe that I’ll be able to communicate more clearly what I know. I have more confidence in doing healing work and am excited about the future.

Lisa G.

My sleep has improved now, my mind is quiet, and I had the courage to go back and learn a new course in my life. Thank you, Mr. Trivedi.

L. Buoni

I am actually feeling more confidence with myself. I had a business call last week where my software was challenged and I felt very confident in promoting myself! In the past I would have felt very insecure and defensive! Thank you Mr. Trivedi.

B. Tompkins

I just finished 6 months of Energy Transmissions and can’t wait to start another 6 months. I am full of joy and confidence. I know the future holds miracles. Thank you, Mr. Trivedi.

S. Friedman

My own experience has been a steady increase in my confidence. My fitness level and mental clarity has never been higher. I have never been spiritual in my life until recently, but now I want to help my friends and family heal themselves. I want to raise my own consciousness, so that I may transmit this energy to help all those around me.

L. Gillespie

I used to be so shy I couldn’t even engage in small talk with people. Now I’m comfortable talking even to strangers. I am able to speak up during meetings, people sit in attention, and everything becomes quiet when I start to speak.

Maria B.

In the last few days, I have felt better than I remember feeling for many, many years. I feel stronger and clearer and feel that I could do just about anything. Thank you so much Guruji. I deeply appreciate you, Alice, Dahryn and Gopal.

Eileen M.

Thank you Guruji, Master Gopal and Master Alice for the powerful and healing transmission. I am seeing wonderful results in focus, productivity and confidence. I am very aware of the opportunity to observe, learn and grow and the chance to build a strong foundation.

Sharon S.

I have been in the MEP for about 2 years. I mentioned that I have purchased my first home recently. I will be moving in next month. Yesterday I booked my tickets for a visit home to Maine in September. I am so proud of myself for doing so as I haven’t been home for about 20 years! Thank you Trivedi Family for helping me move forward with all of my plans.

Joanne C.

In the morning, before I leave my residential space, I go into that receptive state–like when I am receiving an Energy Transmission. When I feel the connection and the quiet openness, I ask that the energy flow through as desired by the people who want it on this day. Since I have begun to do this, people turn toward me like never before.

S. Phillips

Good morning from Spain. I would like to report to Mr. Trivedi that I am beginning to feel the presence of a great sense of protection as a result of the Energy Transmissions. My confidence is improving. My inner and outer focus is improving. I am beginning to understand what it means to truly feel worthy. This sense of worthiness strengthens my ability to ask the Divine for what I need for my happiness. I can embrace my own happiness and worthiness and confidence for the first time. Thank you.

V. Poynton

My self-confidence has shot through the roof. Before the Energy Transmissions, I would have panic attacks in large crowds and would stutter if I had to speak to any more than three people at a time. Since the Transmissions, I have been able to increase my business through joining networking groups and am no longer afraid to speak in front of a large crowd. What a difference in my life. Thank you, Mr. Trivedi.

Patricia M.

Since getting my Energy Transmissions I notice that I speak more of the truth and am less timid. Even when I speak up now–instead of causing chaos, timidity, and hurt feelings like it would before receiving my Energy Transmissions–there is less chaos and more peace in our home. I can also now say no. My family is still not listening to me 100%, but things are much better. Strangers are extremely happy to have me near them and they listen to me now. I am so grateful to Mr. Trivedi and the Divine for these amazing Energy Transmissions. I feel it’s improved so much that I only had to ask my husband one time to join me in Los Angeles for the 11:11:11 retreat! Amazing.

B. Szymoniak

My anxiety about where my life is going has disappeared and has been replaced by self-confidence and total reliance on my intuition. I am 60 this year and feel like I’m 25! I am so grateful to the Divine–thank you Mr. Trivedi.

R. Hernmarck