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"Focus, Calm, Peace & Clarity Of Mind"

These blessings have been incredible for me. I am eternally filled with appreciation and feel very peaceful at heart.

Lezley W.

Since I started to get Trivedi Energy Transmissions™ my life is completely different. I’m so calm, relaxed, and peaceful. I work with children with concentration problems at school and get very good feedback from them, and I don’t take their problems home with me anymore!!

Carola S.

I had a powerful shift/connection to my heart & soul early this morning and the very powerful energy transmission made it even stronger. Guruji’s discourses are so insightful and profound and I’m grateful for his sharing with us. Much gratitude and thankfulness to Guruji, Alice and Gopal.

Aileen Lee

I am very grateful for my first Master Energy Transmission™. Since then, my life is smooth and very peaceful. It seems that events happen to my advantage. Also, all of my worries, fears, and anxieties are gone.

R. Daneshmand

Now money seems to fall in my hands.

Radha B.

My skin has become much smoother and soft, my eyes are rounder, but, most of all, I feel a deep impenetrable peace.

Steven C.

What I have noticed most recently is that I continue to feel like I am in a “sea of calm” while those around me are surrounded by turmoil. Though I can feel compassion over what they are going through and I can do what I can to assist them, I find that I am not “pulled into the drama” and can stay in a good place.

Lisa H.

I am feeling peace and bliss. I am seeing Divine Grace in simple things, especially nature. I am so grateful to Guruji, Dahryn, Alice, Gopal, Rebecca and Dezi. I feel so blessed to be part of such a wonderful group.

Pat G.

From the Energy Transmissions, I keep improving in all areas, creating a wonderful calmness. Anxiety has been a huge problem for me and now it’s only a very small problem–I am thrilled with the progress. I am adjusting to my improved life energy and am having a wonderful time being more social, spending more time hiking, and loving all the changes. Thank you.

S. Rooney

The last few days, I have felt better than I remember feeling for many, many years. I feel stronger and clearer and feel that I could do just about anything. Thank you so much, Guruji. I deeply appreciate you, Alice, Dahryn, and Gopal.

Eileen M.

The energy has been amazing and I have been seeing my consciousness change rapidly. I have been tested since May on certain life occurrences and have been handling them so much better than before. I am better and more efficient at work than before. Thank you so much Guruji, Alice, Dahryn and Gopal.

Aileen L.

I’m experiencing a huge relief from anxiety today. I typically experience more Energy and better health after the blessings and have also noticed that I start to feel the effects of a personal blessing or a course with daily blessings about two weeks before the course or event starts. Thank you.

Jim M.

Thanks Mr. Trivedi. I feel like I am getting more powerful with each Energy Transmission. I am more alert and more open than I have been in years. I feel Divine Love and gratitude. I owe you so much already, but like the sun in the sky that feeds the plants with light, I too need the light from you, Mr. Trivedi. Please keep giving me your Divine and powerful Energy Transmissions. God bless you, Mr. Trivedi. You are so full of Divine Love.

Raymond F.

After the Trivedi Retreat I felt a renewed and more powerful connection with The Divine. The fear that crippled me disappeared and I am generating more love. Each day the connection gets stronger. People are gradually drawn to me.


The Energy Transmissions have been wonderful for me. I have been receiving them since 2009 and for the last 5 months I have been on the Daily Transmission Program™. Even though I am going through some adrenal and thyroid problems right now, I feel calm and know all will be okay. I am SO very grateful. I feel SO blessed to be part of The Trivedi Family.


I have suffered from anxiety all my life and have tried many things to make it better in the area of self-help, personal growth, energy healing, etc. I am finding a great improvement in myself in terms of healing this anxiety since I began receiving Mr. Trivedi’s Energy Transmissions™, especially the Master Energy Transmissions™. They have had the most powerful impact in a short amount of time. They’re better than anything else I’ve ever tried over the years. Thank you Mr. Trivedi. I am very grateful. I look forward to continued healing and raising my consciousness.

H. Russell

Mr. Trivedi’s Energy Transmissions are bringing more peace into my life. Much love and gratitude.

Deborah M.

I so totally understand what Guruji is saying about connection and disconnection [to The Divine]. I felt that at first, for the first 2 years, because I was on the Monthly Enhancement Program™ and some Master Blessings. But since joining the Special Prayers program and receiving blessings from all 3 Masters and keeping it up, I no longer go through those feelings of ups and downs. The biggest changes have come from the Special Prayers and Guruji’s birthday blessings. Since Guruji’s birthday, I have noticed the biggest and best changes in my life. Thank you so much.

Nancy H.

I spent much of my life struggling without a connection to God and missed many real opportunities that came my way. I was deeply traumatized and shut down my doors and built walls around my heart. I kept trying, but I hadn’t learnt and made the same mistakes again and again. With Guruji’s help, this is finally changing. What a relief. What a blessing.

Maire M.

I have experienced a major shift following the spring retreat! As a result of the many powerful Energy Transmissions, Mr. Trivedi’s teachings, and the perception of being well cared for, I am living in a completely different reality. I see that the stimuli I would have reacted to in the past has no power now and issues that I may have created before are no longer possible to create from this perspective. My ego personality-self is quite still, and my brain-mind is listening to a universal expansion. Mr. Trivedi, thank you.

D. Wintch

I fell asleep during the blessing, slept really deeply and awoke later with headphones still in my head. Although I wasn’t awake during the rest of the discourse, my soul heard every word. I feel even more calm and alert. I have no more muscle soreness and no more fears or worries of any kind. I am so grateful to be here. Thank you Masters Guruji, Dahryn, Alice, and Gopal.

Shantaya R.

During the Energy Transmission I experienced a large release – with relief and great calmness right after. I feel on one hand I am greatly blessed in my life and on the other I feel like I am in the building stage. One thing for sure you have taught me to keep remembering is patience and surrender to The Divine. Thank you Guruji, I wouldn’t be where I am if it were not for you and The Masters.

Judith S.

Since being in the Healers Mastery Program™, I have much better clarity and my thoughts have become still. I also have better focus and concentration. Many thanks to Guruji, Dahryn, Alice and Gopal. Much love to the whole Trivedi Family.

Thomas O.

I have never felt so safe–beyond safe. I know in every fiber of my being that everything is okay. Everything. I now know what Mr. Trivedi was talking about when he says he never has any concern or anxiety, because this must be what he is filled with all the time. Thank you.

Leisa M.

After receiving several Energy Transmissions™ from Mr. Trivedi and one from Master Gopal, I know and feel my awareness with my inner-being much more, even in those moments of daily living. My meditations have become much deeper, and I feel periods of happiness as well.

Soon M.

The vibrational shift [from Mr. Trivedi and the Energy Transmission] is amazingly powerful and peaceful. So many negative tendencies fall away. It is truly Divine. When you talked about the Buddha, I could feel the transmission of surrender to The Divine.

Elize R.

Thank you for the amazing experience tonight and to all the people who share. It helps me to prime my intent and get centered to receive. These last few calls I have experienced physical effects, and I am still having them. I am in the process of emotional transformation that I know will allow me and My Creator to work more fully in my life. I’m humbled.

Andrea P.

While I was camping a few weeks ago, I felt connected to nature in a way I never felt before. It was like I was living in the moment, each moment! I was not concerned about the past or the future, or about the time passing, I just felt wonderful. It made me realize how much I have transformed in one year! It feels great!

Johanne D.

Thank you so much for these wonderful Energy Transmissions! The changes in me have been truly wonderful. It seems that no matter what happens, I remain happy and peaceful. I live in Vermont and, while we’ve had massive flooding, I have still remained positive and peaceful. I’ve also seen changes in anyone who comes in contact with me. They are lighter in spirit and more hopeful about life in general.

Pamela A.

I’ve always been an extremely light sleeper; no one was supposed to move around in my house when I was asleep because any little thing would wake me up. About three weeks ago, my daughter started working in a bar, meaning she comes home at all hours of the night. I was worried about that waking me, but I find it doesn’t bother me at all! I sleep right through it and I feel more concentrated when I’m awake.

Susan S.

I attended the retreat and had a great resolution of physical symptoms. The other biggest change from that is in my attitude and thinking. Thank you so much.

Anne S.

Good morning from Spain. I would like to report to Mr. Trivedi that I am beginning to feel the presence of a great sense of protection as a result of the Energy Transmissions. My confidence is improving. My inner and outer focus is improving. I am beginning to understand what it means to truly feel worthy. This sense of worthiness strengthens my ability to ask the Divine for what I need for my happiness. I can embrace my own happiness and worthiness and confidence for the first time. Thank you.

Virginia M.

I know the Energy Transmissions are working amazingly well because I had to go on a plane trip with my 10 year-old a few weeks ago–it was the “Trip from Hell,” in a normal person’s opinion–but throughout everything that happened, I remained eerily calm and smiling. I did not get angry or impatient or sarcastic. The trip was supposed to be a 4-hour trip; it took 2 days. I sat on the Tarmac for two hours, my luggage was taken, I had no clothes nor did my child, we didn’t get to eat for 10 hours, and we didn’t get to start the trip again until 15 hours later, which caused me to miss two days of this planned trip! My 10-year-old child stayed calm also, and this can only be because of the Trivedi Ripple Effect!! So Thank You, Mr. Trivedi.

Becca S.

Ever since I received Energy Transmissions I feel I have become stronger. I would ordinarily get exhausted in heat, however in the 33 degree Celsius heat in Japan I could continue on with my activities calmly. We experienced another strong quake while I was teaching, but I was able to remain totally calm and relaxed and trust we are all taken care of. Thank you, Mr. Trivedi.

Mariko T.