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Sleeping improvement by the trivedi effect® – energy healing process

A follower shares that he had a tremendous energy transmission with Mahendra Trivedi and Gopal Nayak. The energy retreats have improved his sleeping habits, he says that he slept like a baby and didn’t have such a fantastic sleep ever. He Thanks Guruji for giving such a wonderful gift.

Sleep Disorder | Alice Branton | Trivedi Testimonials

Barbara shares her experience about the energy transmission by Alice Branton for her son. Her son has sleeping disorders. After receiving energy transmissions from Alice Branton, she noticed amazing changes in her son’s health.

Breathing capacity & sleep improved enormously after trivedi effect

Her sleep was terrible with nightmares improved significantly. Now she has no nightmares. She expresses gratitude to the source of life.

Prayers are answered – started lifting things with the fingers again

She explains immediate recovery of her left hand that could not lift things for last 10 years. After receiving blessings remotely she had unusual experiences. On the next night, during deep sleep , her left hand started tingling from above her wrist going down to each fingers, She was in such a deep sleep that […]

Trivedi Testimonial | Energy Transmission By Mahendra Trivedi | Joyful Life

Helena Feel blessed and honored to share her experience about the energy transmission given by Mahendra Trivedi. At first she took a group energy transmission session and something profound happened for the first time in her life. She reached a deep inner peace which was the glimpse of a mind state and she was emerging […]

Impact of trivedi water on fragile flower

James Robinson shares unusual Phenomenon on fragile flower when he used the Trivedi Water.

Trivedi water’s effect on daffodils flower

Daffodils blooming up for over 45 days.

Trivedi water caused no pain after dental treatment & wound healing was faster.

Trivedi water caused no pain after dental treatment & wound healing was faster. Swelling of legs are gone after Master blessing, Eyes are shining, feel relief.

Daily energy transmission program for kids – trivedi master wellness™

A lady sharing her experience about how her kid has developed a good wellbeing after the energy transmission and overcome from chronic insomnia with that, other great things are also coming into his life. So she is very grateful to Mahendra Trivedi and Alice Brenton.

Physical and spiritual growth

Momentum building up in daily activities, improvement in physical and energy levels, health, intuition, People getting attracted.