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Breathing capacity & sleep improved enormously after trivedi effect

Her sleep was terrible with nightmares improved significantly. Now she has no nightmares. She expresses gratitude to the source of life.

Prayers are answered – started lifting things with the fingers again

She explains immediate recovery of her left hand that could not lift things for last 10 years. After receiving blessings remotely she had unusual experiences. On the next night, during deep sleep , her left hand started tingling from above her wrist going down to each fingers, She was in such a deep sleep that […]

Impact of trivedi water on fragile flower

James Robinson shares unusual Phenomenon on fragile flower when he used the Trivedi Water.

Trivedi water caused no pain after dental treatment & wound healing was faster.

Trivedi water caused no pain after dental treatment & wound healing was faster. Swelling of legs are gone after Master blessing, Eyes are shining, feel relief.

Physical and spiritual growth

Momentum building up in daily activities, improvement in physical and energy levels, health, intuition, People getting attracted.

Trivedi water’s effect on injured bird

Trivedi water gives her energy, vitality and calms her down. Injured bird fly away after Trivedi Water effects.

Significant reduction in tiredness and improvement in energy levels due to trivedi water

Holistic practitioner reports improvement in energy and significant reduction in tiredness after drinking Trivedi water. Her mother’s pain in leg disappeared due to Trivedi Water.

Started walking again & fibromyalgia symptoms are not troubling anymore

She is free from the symptoms of Fibromyalgia. Once again, She started living a very productive & happy lifestyle after blessings. Fibromyalgia symptoms are not troubling anymore. For last 5 years, she suffered from serious illness due to Fibromyalgia & valley fever. Significant improvement in eosinophil count as per the blood report in just 2 […]