Daily energy transmission program for kids – trivedi master wellness™

A lady sharing her experience about how her kid has developed a good wellbeing after the energy transmission and overcome from chronic insomnia with that, other great things are also coming into his life. So she is very grateful to Mahendra Trivedi and Alice Brenton.

Physical and spiritual growth

Momentum building up in daily activities, improvement in physical and energy levels, health, intuition, People getting attracted.

Trivedi water’s effect on injured bird

Trivedi water gives her energy, vitality and calms her down. Injured bird fly away after Trivedi Water effects.

Significant reduction in tiredness and improvement in energy levels due to trivedi water

Holistic practitioner reports improvement in energy and significant reduction in tiredness after drinking Trivedi water. Her mother’s pain in leg disappeared due to Trivedi Water.

Enhancement of the personal healing

After the Energy Transmissions personal healing ability has enhanced significantly. Energy within myself is calmer, quieter; effects of hands on healing are magnified on patients.

Food & skin allergies disappeared after 2nd blessing

Additionally , energy levels have increased with gain of confidence and peace. She also explains about disappearance of anxiety and stress levels with clearer thinking.

Chiropractor reports better energy levels and financial improvement.

His energy levels have improved overall along with Financial improvement. Due to Trivedi Effect, he has become more positive and optimistic.

My connection with Spirituality has truly enhanced & now I sleep better

Remote blessings are amazing . i am happier , laughing & smiling all the time , no more worry of future & finance issues. With more energy, I am waking up more refreshed , no fuzzy headed feeling anymore compared to the past.

Man shares his experience of TRIVEDI EFFECT

Mr. Robert – Chicago – Illinois rough period of life ,sickness complete lack of energy , depression , muscle stiffness , after blessing – no sickness ,lots of energy , emotional well being , improvement in Finances , upcoming in the present economy , started a beautiful relationship

Her business improved with increased number of clients

Her emotional relationships got better ., emotional healing , very calm ,peaceful energy, clear thoughts