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Debra talks about the slow, gradual and positive energy healing effect

Debs shares her experience after receiving miraculous Biofield energy transmission from Mahendra Trivedi (Guruji) and Alice Branton (The Trivedi Master). She says before experiencing The Trivedi Effect, her life was slow but after receiving the Spiritual healing from Guruji she is in the position to see the world in a positive way. The Trivedi Effect […]

Jesey talks about scientifically proven energy transmission programs by the trivedi masters™

Jessie says After receiving the energy transmission she see things in a way which she never have seen before, her relationship with people are deeper and it also changes her relationship with nature as she looks at nature in a deeper appreciable way which she never have before. With Trivedi Effect various other miracles happen […]

Barbara shares her experience about the benefits of wellness programs by the trivedi effect®

Barbara shares the experience of her first Trivedi Retreat. After receiving Energy Transmissions, she feels there is greater joy and love in her family than ever before. On a more personal level, Barbara was suffering from anxiety and depression. Now, she feels greater trust, ease, joy and laughter and finds people are noticing and smiling […]