Chiropractor reports better energy levels and financial improvement.

His energy levels have improved overall along with Financial improvement. Due to Trivedi Effect, he has become more positive and optimistic.

Coming out of stress through poor economy

Rick explains after the energy transmission how he came out of stress in a bad economy. And he compares Mr. Trivedi with other spiritual masters.

My connection with Spirituality has truly enhanced & now I sleep better

Remote blessings are amazing . i am happier , laughing & smiling all the time , no more worry of future & finance issues. With more energy, I am waking up more refreshed , no fuzzy headed feeling anymore compared to the past.

Chiropractor explains the changes in the body due to trivedi effect and improved business

chiropractor changes in the body business master energy – scanning body , ripple effect – 77 years old patient got physically better

Man shares his experience of TRIVEDI EFFECT

Mr. Robert – Chicago – Illinois rough period of life ,sickness complete lack of energy , depression , muscle stiffness , after blessing – no sickness ,lots of energy , emotional well being , improvement in Finances , upcoming in the present economy , started a beautiful relationship

Experiencing the feeling of deep calmness, which is Profound, subtle, gentle & warm

He got unexpected income within 48 hours , profound ,subtle ,gentle & warm – feeling of deep calmness

Her business improved with increased number of clients

Her emotional relationships got better ., emotional healing , very calm ,peaceful energy, clear thoughts

Now she is calmer without any stress

During blessing she felt tremendous amount of energy coming in from top of her head going down over herself. Further she adds the money has definitely eased coming in…

Pain the back and leg disappeared after blessing…. Unexpected financial gain

A healer explains his medical condition and further disappearance of chronic pain in the back and leg due to blessing. Immediately after blessing, he started receiving checks, which is totally unexpected for him.

Life is changing at all levels…blessings is making her calmer & happier

Massage therapist & clairvoyant reports the enhanced power and strength of her spirit after receiving blessings , further reports that her humor is coming back. Numbers of clients are increasing. Her clients are noticing the difference in her energy. She notices that life is changing at all levels. Her heart is opening even more……………