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Blessings made his sleep improved with positivity about future.

He reports the improvement in his physical body with nice warm glow throughout his body. He is full of energy and has a general feeling of well-being. He is sleeping very soundly and is happy too…

Relationships are more loving and connecting.

He is becoming confident, relationships are more loving and connecting, found the path of his purpose…happy with no fear from the future.

Life is changing at all levels…blessings is making her calmer & happier

Massage therapist & clairvoyant reports the enhanced power and strength of her spirit after receiving blessings , further reports that her humor is coming back. Numbers of clients are increasing. Her clients are noticing the difference in her energy. She notices that life is changing at all levels. Her heart is opening even more……………

Remarkable well recovery of son suffering from asperger syndrome (autism spectrum disorder)

Happy mother sharing the recovery of her son suffering from ASD. Improvement in many symptoms …. Speech is getting better….. Improvement in motor skills…… Improvement in school stickers.

Experience of our true existence – spirit wearing a body

After energy transmissions, Transcendental Teacher with 25 years of practice had a magnificent experience of “true existence” In her own words: “Nobody else does what Guruji can does”

Started walking again & fibromyalgia symptoms are not troubling anymore

She is free from the symptoms of Fibromyalgia. Once again, She started living a very productive & happy lifestyle after blessings. Fibromyalgia symptoms are not troubling anymore. For last 5 years, she suffered from serious illness due to Fibromyalgia & valley fever. Significant improvement in eosinophil count as per the blood report in just 2 […]

Trivedi Testimonial | Energy Transmission By Mahendra Trivedi | Joyful Life

Helena Feel blessed and honored to share her experience about the energy transmission given by Mahendra Trivedi. At first she took a group energy transmission session and something profound happened for the first time in her life. She reached a deep inner peace which was the glimpse of a mind state and she was emerging […]