Susan communicates about the amazing energy retreats experience by the trivedi masters™

Susan was feeling unsettled before transmission, after transmission she slept for three and half hour, when she woke up, she was in tears, and immediately recalled the presence of Guruji, she took the giant leap of faith, and she does not have any list of problems left. Her son-in-law’s heart was broken by his father, […]

Sharon admires the trivedi masters™ alice branton for her kind energy retreats

Sharon S. shares her experience with Alice Branton and receiving life-changing energy transmissions that have changed her life. She feels like her life has been rebuilt from the positive effects of the biofield energy healing transmissions of Trivedi Master Alice Branton. Sharon has developed a new positive attitude towards life.

The healers mastery program™ and the effect of energy retreats on the seeds

Doug shares that it was a long exciting experience for him with Guruji, Firstly he has joined MEP and then he has moved on to join the healers mastery program, the energy transmission he has received was amazing. Here he also mentioned about the seeds which was blessed and had 98 % growth. He says […]

Cassandra shares her first energy retreat experience of the trivedi effect®

Cassandra shares that when she received her first energy transmission in the group she was very restless and had a hard time to keep herself still and stay focused, she also gets twitches and even in quiet time she was not able to close her eyes, but after transmission, at night she had a good […]

Remarkable well recovery of son suffering from asperger syndrome (autism spectrum disorder)

Happy mother sharing the recovery of her son suffering from ASD. Improvement in many symptoms …. Speech is getting better….. Improvement in motor skills…… Improvement in school stickers.

Lifesaving experience… blessings restored 98% of her mental faculties.

Massive head injury in 2006 lead to Brain Tumor caused her extreme difficulties in thinking and remembering along with massive migraines. After blessing — 98% restoration of her mental faculties took place… Lifesaving ………So blessed and divine… she further adds the divine synchronicity in the retreat.

Improvement of sleep

Sleeping patterns got better after energy transmission. Now gets more deep sleep and stress levels have gone down

My connection with Spirituality has truly enhanced & now I sleep better

Remote blessings are amazing . i am happier , laughing & smiling all the time , no more worry of future & finance issues. With more energy, I am waking up more refreshed , no fuzzy headed feeling anymore compared to the past.

Man shares his experience of TRIVEDI EFFECT

Mr. Robert – Chicago – Illinois rough period of life ,sickness complete lack of energy , depression , muscle stiffness , after blessing – no sickness ,lots of energy , emotional well being , improvement in Finances , upcoming in the present economy , started a beautiful relationship