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Ripple effect of energy healing and transmission by the trivedi masters™.

Margret says that over past 3 years since she has taken transmissions, her health has improved tremendously, she had a pacemaker with a defective lead and before she met Mahendra Trivedi, she was much stressed and it was really a hard time for her. But since transmission, she found herself able to deal with the […]

Expressing the happiness of his 94 years old mother

Don Slade who is in master blessing program expressing the happiness of his 94 years old mother who stays alone.

Transformation in doctor’s patients

Medical practitioner form India, experiencing and being witness of Mr. Trivedi’s Miraculous energy- further transforming thousands of patients.

Enhancement of the personal healing

After the Energy Transmissions personal healing ability has enhanced significantly. Energy within myself is calmer, quieter; effects of hands on healing are magnified on patients.

Husband shares the recovery of wife from accident that lead to serious health issues

Wife, who used to faint taking a short walk, has started hiking up the hill after Trivedi Effect. Happy husband shares wife’s unprecedented recovery from serious health issues of unknown origin that lasted for 8 years. Heart rate & blood pressure is stable.

Something has been happening at home feels like floating

After blessings, she experienced a feeling of floating. She explains the ripple effect on the trees that lead to change the taste from unpleasant to sweet.

Chiropractor explains the changes in the body due to trivedi effect and improved business

chiropractor changes in the body business master energy – scanning body , ripple effect – 77 years old patient got physically better

And she got up without any support for the first time in 10 years

Remote blessing made arthritis disappear in hands and spine further giving more clarity and sense of peacefulness. Relationship with Husband is becoming more respectful ,loving and peaceful after Trivedi Effect………feels like Heaven.