Breathing capacity & sleep improved enormously after trivedi effect

Her sleep was terrible with nightmares improved significantly. Now she has no nightmares. She expresses gratitude to the source of life.

Prayers are answered – started lifting things with the fingers again

She explains immediate recovery of her left hand that could not lift things for last 10 years. After receiving blessings remotely she had unusual experiences. On the next night, during deep sleep , her left hand started tingling from above her wrist going down to each fingers, She was in such a deep sleep that […]

Food & skin allergies disappeared after 2nd blessing

Additionally , energy levels have increased with gain of confidence and peace. She also explains about disappearance of anxiety and stress levels with clearer thinking.

Improvement of sleep

Sleeping patterns got better after energy transmission. Now gets more deep sleep and stress levels have gone down

My connection with Spirituality has truly enhanced & now I sleep better

Remote blessings are amazing . i am happier , laughing & smiling all the time , no more worry of future & finance issues. With more energy, I am waking up more refreshed , no fuzzy headed feeling anymore compared to the past.

Blessings made his sleep improved with positivity about future.

He reports the improvement in his physical body with nice warm glow throughout his body. He is full of energy and has a general feeling of well-being. He is sleeping very soundly and is happy too…