I just want to say that I received my first Energy Transmission two weeks ago. I have a dog–a very special dog who was three weeks old and alone when we found each other. He is the most spiritual dog I have ever known. He has been diagnosed with the canine form of M.S. and has tumors all over his body. He is now 12 and has been losing the ability to use his back legs. I had him with me during the Energy Transmission. From that point on, he regained unbelievable strength in his back legs and his tumors have shrunk considerably. I just feel like these changes are directly attributed to the Transmission we received together. I can only say thank you, with all my heart. All my heart.

Debra S.

My cat is rather picky with her food and water. Since I got her a year ago, her primary source of water was via a dripping shower tap. I always had to orchestrate this drip otherwise she refused to drink. Since I started giving her 1/3 bowl of Trivedi Water™ mixed in with the normal filtered water, she drinks throughout the day —and from her bowl! No transition was necessary. From one day to the next she started to drink from her bowl without the “dripping ritual.” The effect is that she is now well hydrated; she is much more sociable and she will actually come to me with a purr. Also, I started to give my 11 year-old Greyhound dog ½ glass Trivedi Water™ with her normal water. She is an ex-racer and raced a lot at an early age. Her aging joints pain her and she had acquired the “senior shuffle,” which results from aging and inflamed joints. I was giving her veterinarian painkillers daily, along with some sedatives. Now, I do not give her any painkillers. That “shuffle” is gone and she walks without any sign of diseased joints.

Bonny B.

I am not a very good animal person because I was not raised with them. This summer, I housesat and took care of some animals for 6 weeks. Smarty, the Australian Shepard, is over 11 years old and is considered to be very old. However, he was very frisky and playful with me. I have my own young Chihuahua who is only 4 and Smarty doesn’t seem to act any different. In the beginning, he used to shiver and tremble, but he did less and less over time. I would add Trivedi Water™ to his dish regularly.

Sharon P.

Hello from Ottawa, Canada. Today is our Thanksgiving and I am very thankful for the day I was introduced to Mr. Trivedi through an e-mail (amongst so many others that I was in the process of deleting). The e-mail caught my attention and the rest is history. I have been receiving Energy Transmissions since March 2010, and got a special Energy Transmission for my dog and for my husband. My husband noticed several amazing things that he attributes to the transmission. My dog is happier and healthier. I appreciate this transformation and look forward to much more.

Johanne D.

The Energy Transmissions last week were very powerful. I had two dogs and a horse receive a Pet Energy Transmission™. Both my dogs have received something very profound. I can feel they are more connected to life forces and that they are much happier. My horse is full of so much energy that I have never seen him experience before. He used to be very unstable, but after the Energy Transmission he became much more stable. I am very grateful. Thank you, Mr. Trivedi.

Tine R.

My cat, Dewey, has healed from a chronic illness that required medication daily. This happened after only one Pet Energy Transmission! Thank you, Mr. Trivedi.

Anastasia S.

During the Special Prayer Energy Transmissions, I got a Remote Pet Energy Transmission for my dog. She also got one earlier in the year in April. As a result of these, she is more energetic and alert.

Deborah S.

I tried Trivedi Probiotics Shanti™ and Sehat™ on my dog. She has become much calmer and gentle. I open the capsule and add half in a little water. She drinks it immediately. I have experienced a good result in her behavior and her fur is now very soft.

Maya R.

I had sent before and after pictures of some of my plants that have now received Trivedi Water. They are doing even better to date. They are growing more upright, rather than sideways like previously. I’m so looking forward to the retreat! Thanks.

Kris E.