Energy Transmission Experience

It always amazes me how powerful, yet gentle and loving these Energy Transmissions are. During a Transmission, I feel very emotional and at times I go very deep, but it always puts a big smile on my face at the end. My body is still buzzing from this last Transmission, and part of me is still somewhere else—out of this reality. The part of me that is here feels so calm and so grateful to be able to experience all of this. I feel so much Love and Gratitude to The Divine and to all the Masters. Thank you.

Maria N.

That was an amazing Energy Transmission. I was vibrating the entire time. I had several thoughts of love and abundance during the Transmission. I felt like I was in another dimension. Thank you Guruji, Master Gopal, Master Alice and Master Dahryn. I send you much love and my deepest gratitude.

Douglas K.

I have had over 60 Energy Transmissions now. Regarding last week’s, I’ve experienced three notable reactions: Firstly, when Master Gopal steps in I get a clear increase in energy which others noticed, commented on, and delighted in. Secondly, I work with hundreds of children, and many of the ones who typically act-out mellowed in my presence and stayed happy. Thirdly, I have experienced much enhanced intuition and connection with The Divine. Thanks so much.

S. Phillips

Thank you Master Gopal. The transmission heated my whole body from head to toes. I have been having many interesting experiences recently–from knowing that I have to be someplace and meeting someone that I don’t know to healing someone at a street fair. Also, my sleep has been different; no words can describe it at this time.

Gita B.

I feel like I’m still processing the effects. I have been having some ups and downs: days of very high energy, followed by days of feeling very tired. But the Energy Transmissions were wonderful, and I felt very happy during Special Prayers last weekend! Thank you, Mr. Trivedi, and thanks to Master Gopal for the Energy Transmissions as well.


Massive changes within me. I find it a bit difficult to verbalize what it is, but it feels like my frequency has been stepped up.

T. Penn