Now money seems to fall in my hands.

Radha B.

I would like to share that my sleep is consistently good, in spite of my increase in activity. I have had more job opportunities and my finances are definitely increasing. I have attracted many opportunities to serve every day.

Sharon P.

I have had good sleep at night. I have also noticed that small financial blessings have shown up. I went to the doctors and was told I wouldn’t have to pay anything as they had charged me for a physical. I went to the carwash to vacuum my car and when I went to pay, there was a stack of quarters on the machine… These small blessings just reflect a larger shift in me. I am grateful to Guruji and Alice Branton. Thank you.


Since the last webinar, a wonderful event happened with our online store. It has always been very difficult to get financial help here in China since we are a small business. But all of a sudden, we were approved of a business loan for about 15 thousand US dollars. This fund is helping us with our cash flow, which we desperately need. Thank you so much.

Janice C.