I’ve been thinking about how much I’ve grown in the last few months since the Healers Mastery Program. Since the March retreat I had been going through some big transformations in my health and emotions–a lot of intense, uncomfortable emotions–and a virus that lasted 2 months. When you told us the viruses stored inside our bodies may come up to be released, that resonated with me. Since then, things have been getting better and better, plateauing and then improving. I was reading my journal from May and comparing it to now (September). I’m more positive. Things aren’t bothering me so much. I find that I need less sleep and don’t feel so groggy. I’m a person who has had a lot of emotional trauma in my life. I’m very grateful to you for the help in coming home to my Divine. It’s the greatest gift you could ever give anyone. Thank you so much.

Cheryl C.

My Energy Transmissions started at the end of January [2011]. So far I can see an improvement. Old emotional wounds are moving to the background, my mood has lifted, and I came out of a depression that I didn’t even know I had. My physical body is cleansing and old injuries are healing. In addition, my energy level is better, and I am walking and exercising now, which is quite a feat considering that I was disabled by a back injury for 13 years! I used to sleep only four hours a night and had chronic fatigue. Yesterday, I slept eight hours and the quality of sleep was very good and very deep; I now have a lot of energy and more mental acuity. I have gained the ability to handle stress better as well. I have more hope, happiness, and health. I am meditating more regularly and, as of late, I am gaining more understanding of my life purpose–this has helped me most of all. My goals and finances are improving, and I am in college. Your Energy Transmissions are very real, and they are working. Thank You.

Kimberly M.

I have been with the Master Energy Transmission Program from the beginning. I met Mr. Trivedi in June at the retreat in Chicago. What I have experienced is more joy and more happiness. Last month, I experienced 3 Master Energy Transmissions thanks to Mr. Trivedi’s birthday gift. I had the best month in my business in 10 years. Also, I met the love of my life in October; I am now in the best relationship in my life. Opportunities are increasing for me as well. My personal power, my insight, perception, and intuition have all increased more rapidly since I have been in the program. I want to thank Mr. Trivedi and The Divine for this gift to me and to humanity. Blessings to you, Mr. Trivedi. I love you.

Gagan H.

I have lost the gripping fear of the dark and heights; that’s a huge change for me. I lost my calm and clarity for a while, but I have it back now, and have reaped the benefits of setting an intention to forgive the illusion my ego creates. I am now ready to forgive myself and all others who have reacted to the illusion. I am trusting my inner guidance more, allowing more social interaction, stepping up when someone is needing emotional support, and I am much more outgoing. I am feeling stronger and asking the Divine for more opportunities and direction for my transformation. I am using the Energy Transmissions to boost my work in deep inner healing and a stronger connection to The Divine. I am feeling so full of love and life. Thank you Mr. Trivedi, my life is changing. My life is full of miracles.

Sue R.

I have more knowing about who I am and what my purpose is. I have more confidence in my communication with others, and my healing practice is growing. I am happy regardless of what the outward manifestations are.

Sharon P.

I have noticed a new level of happiness in my life since Alice Branton was announced as a Master and began sending Energy Transmissions. I have also become aware of the enhanced conductivity from the Energy Transmissions. I have been receiving Energy Transmissions for 2-1/2 years and am in the Healers Mastery Program. Recently, I feel that I have reached a critical turning point and The Energy has become exponentially more powerful in my life. Profound Gratitude to Guruji and Masters Alice Branton, Dahryn Trivedi & Gopal Nayak.

Ellia O.

Hello from Ottawa, Canada. Today is our Thanksgiving and I am very thankful for the day I was introduced to Mr. Trivedi through an email (amongst so many others that I was in the process of deleting). The e-mail caught my attention and the rest is history. I have been receiving Energy Transmissions since March 2010, and got a special Energy Transmission for my dog and for my husband. My husband noticed several amazing things that he attributes to the Transmission. My dog is happier and healthier. I appreciate this transformation and look forward to much more.

Johanne D.

This journey with the Trivedi Family has taught me that true happiness is inside of me. I have been struggling my whole life trying to find happiness outside of me in the people and situations around me. I am happiest when I am connected to the Divine and am aware that that is all there is…all that matters. There is nothing but that for me now. What anyone else thinks about me no longer affects me like it used to. I believe it is the knowing and feeling inside of me when I am in my truth, being led by the grace of God.

Lezley W.

When I first started about five months ago, I prayed each time for many things: more loving relationships, more internal joy, clearer purpose, and help with the sale of my building, for example. Almost everything seems to be looking up for me. I’m calm, more patient, and my whole life seems to be gravitating toward something better and better.

Karin E.

Thank you so much for these wonderful Energy Transmissions! The changes in me have been truly wonderful. It seems that no matter what happens, I remain happy and peaceful. I live in Vermont and, while we’ve had massive flooding, I have still remained positive and peaceful. I’ve also seen changes in anyone who comes in contact with me. They are lighter in spirit and more hopeful about life in general.

Pamela A.

After the last Community Call/Webcast Energy Transmission, I had a healing crisis a few days later–right in the middle of seeing my psychotherapy clients. One of my clients has been depressed most of her life and usually sits and tells me sad stories, feeling like a victim. She asked me what brought about the healing crisis and I gave her the information on Mr. Trivedi. The next week she walked in–I had forgotten she’d gotten an Energy Transmission–and looked radiant! When I asked her what was different, she told me she and her friend had received an Energy Transmission. I was SO happy for her! Thank you Mr. Trivedi.

A. Rynor

In the last two weeks I have been in constant happiness–nothing seems to affect my state. If someone decides to reject my presence or company I just feel compassion for them because their state is not a happy one. I am eternally grateful for this Divine gift.

Sieghilde K.

I am very grateful to Guruji, and the entire Trivedi family. I too have been experiencing small patches of extreme calm. Even though there are some difficult times, I can feel more love and strength within and with all my relationships with everyone around me. So much more understanding, so much more acceptance.

Madeline M.

Thank you for a wonderful, powerful Energy Transmission. I feel a change. I am doing things faster now and there is a lightness in my heart and body, and I am experiencing happiness. Much love to you, Mr. Trivedi, and all the wonderful staff that make it happen. Blessings to you all.

Arnbjorg F.

Wow. I am feeling so very blessed, peaceful, comfortable and happy. Thank you Guruji.

Lezley W.

I feel more happiness, more peace, more love, and balance, and money seems to fall in my hand.

Radha B.

I’m grateful for my new zest for life. I’m enjoying family, friends, and new experiences coming my way. Thank you so much!