My son has been challenged with schizophrenia since the age of 18. He is now 27, and sufferers primarily from auditory hallucinations. He refuses to take antipsychotic medications because of the side effects and, prior to the Energy Transmission, he hadn’t slept in 72 hours, hadn’t eaten in 48 hours, and didn’t speak for over two weeks due to the deep state of psychosis. Recently he received an In-Person Individual Energy Transmission™. Directly after, he went to the kitchen and ate, then he spoke coherently. That evening was the first time within a year that he slept through the night as well.

Suzanne F.

I had an amazing post-retreat experience, which I think is combined with the Healers Mastery Program™. Over the July 4th weekend, I broke off a molar below the gum line. The first thing I noticed was that, although there was some discomfort from the edges of what was left, there was no pain from the loss. I had to wait two days to get to a dentist; again, no pain. The dentist took one look at it and told me what was left had to come out. It was what he called a “difficult extraction.” They filled my mouth with gauze and told me to keep pressure on the gum for at least 12 hours because it was going to bleed a lot. They also prescribed a heavy dose of painkillers. After I walked out of the office, I took the gauze out and there was no bleeding. When the Novocain wore off, there was no discomfort at all! I have had wisdom teeth and other teeth removed, all with great bleeding and pain. The retreat and the Healers Mastery Program™ have made a huge difference in what I experienced. Amazing! Thank you, Mr. Trivedi.

James R.

I have had about twenty Energy Transmissions and everything in my life has transformed!! In the beginning, my health improved so much. For example, I had a frozen shoulder and the next morning [after my Energy Transmission], it was fine.

Katrin B.

I have been enjoying so many benefits from your program since I joined, which was about 6 months ago. With your Transmissions I was able to go through some very hard times, as you know, with chemo and radiation without suffering as much as it was expected, surprising even by my doctors. As you know, lately I have been questioning my subconscious/unconscious mind being on board with my charging forward and enjoying this lifetime no matter what.

Fabio Massimo P.

I burnt my hand quite badly last night. I ran cold water over it for half an hour and, when I stopped, it kept stinging. After a while, it was throbbing; blisters had formed and my hand was swollen. Never before was I able to heal myself as a healer. The awareness came to me (inner guidance starting to kick in) to run energy into my hand. An hour later, the blisters and the redness were gone. Today only a slight redness remained in the spot between my thumb and forefinger. I thank The Divine and Mr. Trivedi.

Sonja E.

When I awoke this morning, I had excruciating head pain–so severe that I was blinded–as well as pain in all of my bones and especially my hips. However, after considering all my steps, I had to wonder if I was being hooked into something Mr. Trivedi might have been doing today. The pain got more and more intense throughout the call to the point I considered turning away, but I persevered because I trust Mr. Trivedi. ALL pain has now completely disappeared as of the Energy Transmission [during the call]!! I am grateful. Thank you, Thank you!

Valeria K.

I had blood tests done last week that confirm I no longer have an autoimmune disease (fibromyalgia), and I no longer need medications for diabetes and high cholesterol!! After years of many meds, I do not need any. This is a direct result of Mr. Trivedi’s Energy Transmissions. I feel a lot of empty space within where there once was pain. The blood tests just confirmed what I already knew. Thank you from the depths of my body and soul.

Shirley L.

My immune system continues to improve its resistance to all the things I used to get sick with, which allows me to be easily and fully available to my clients – I am in contact with hundreds of people a day. This used to leave me exhausted every day; now I do not get tired, as a result, I am happier, brighter, more relaxed, and more people seek my presence. Thank you.

Sharon P.

Guruji [Mr. Trivedi] literally saved my life. After the first Energy Transmission, my fracturing nerves disappeared. I have major health challenges, and I totally depend only upon Divine to help me.

Alisha k.

After an eye examination a few days ago, I developed severe corneal abrasions on both eyes with agonizing pain. I took painkillers and eye lubricant, and was advised by the eye doctor. Getting back home at 11 pm, I went to try and sleep. When I woke up four hours later, I was cured with no pain!

Michael E.

I was online for the Retreat. The previous few months, I would suffer from extreme pain with my monthly cycles. The pain was so bad that I was nauseous and unable to function at all. My cycle came two days after the retreat and was almost completely pain free. I am so extraordinarily grateful for the reprieve from the pain. Thank you, Mr. Trivedi!

Melanie J.

Hello from Virginia, in Spain. I’ve had unexpected, dietary changes. My body initiated some major changes spontaneously; I have stopped wanting to eat any meat and fish and have stopped drinking caffeine. My energy is calmer–yet clear–and very high. My digestion feels very strong not only for the digestion of food, but also in the digestion of unwanted emotions. All of these changes were spontaneous, and I feel as though my body is following its deepest desires through these dietary changes. It was all very unexpected, yet I love it.


Since the Energy Transmissions, my cognitive awareness, coordination, ability to focus and think clearly, and energy have all improved!!! I am exercising every day now, have no more hot flashes, can control my eating, and feel more confident in my own skin. Thank you, Mr. Trivedi!! Much Love to you.

Madeline M.

That [Energy Transmission] was beautiful, and the most powerful one so far! Thank you for your generous heart. I am still throbbing with the energy and my pain level has dropped from an 8 to a 3. I have so much gratitude.

Stancia D.

Before the Energy Transmissions, I had a pathologist read my blood platelets, and they were all stuck together–I could watch them on the screen in front of me. I had another test on Saturday (after a gap of three months) and my blood platelets are normal. She [the pathologist] was absolutely amazed.

Lynette M.

I still have all my old symptoms, but the big difference is that I can handle them and am able to work with great energy and enthusiasm, particularly in physical tasks. I am deeply grateful for this new lease on life.

Peter S.

At the Trivedi Retreat, I arrived with morning sickness and low energy (I am currently pregnant). Since the Retreat, my morning sickness is all but gone, my energy continues to increase, and my outlook/mood is much improved. Thank you, Mr. Trivedi.

Mia R.

THE DIVINE HAS PERFORMED AMAZING MIRACLES! Recently, my friend Robin had shoulder damage from 22 years ago, and it was repaired during the Special Prayer session! Thank you Guruji!

john p.

Hi Everyone! I love the energy so much. It has helped my son get off drugs and begin to become a man and find his way in his life. This means so much to me I am so very grateful for this energy. Much love to Guruji, beautiful Alice and Dahryn, and Master Gopal.


My mom fractured a bone and then had an Energy Transmission. She didn’t have to undergo surgery– she just returned home and there were no signs of her having a fracture! She was completely healed!! She also has a more positive outlook on life.

Lisa G.