Loss and Fear

I am very grateful that, since these last few weeks, I am feeling much more balance. There is much less pain and fear in my heart, and at times I can really feel your love and support. This softens and heals the walls that I have built.

Maire M.

I have lost the gripping fear of the dark and heights; that’s a huge change for me. I lost my calm and clarity for a while, but I have it back now and have reaped the benefits of setting an intention to forgive the illusion my ego creates. I am now ready to forgive myself and all others who have reacted to the illusion. I am trusting my inner guidance more, allowing more social interaction, stepping up when someone is needing emotional support, and I am much more outgoing. I am feeling stronger and asking The Divine for more opportunities and direction for my transformation. I am using the Energy Transmissions to boost my work in deep inner healing and a stronger connection to The Divine. I am feeling so full of love and life. Thank you Mr. Trivedi, my life is changing. My life is full of miracles.

Sue R.

I was the woman who got up on stage at the San Diego Trivedi Retreat and shared the story of her son finding The Divine through receiving Energy Transmissions. Because of time constraints I was not able to share that, as he [Mr. Trivedi] shared the story, I could feel the energy coming from him and entering me. After he left, I had a tremendous experience that lasted all that night, throughout the next day, and into Friday. I have never felt so safe–beyond safe. I knew in every fiber of my being that everything was okay. Everything. I now know what Mr. Trivedi was talking about when he says he never has any concern or anxiety because this must be what he is filled with all the time. Thank you.

Leisa M.

Ever since the retreat my fungus infections are gone (I have before and after pictures ). My relationship with my wife and son are much better now. I am no longer scared of height, I am not worried as much about finances anymore, and have a dream on how to help family members and they are implementing that dream. I am more spontaneous, etc., it is just amazing. Thank you, Mr. Trivedi.

Hendra S.

Hello Mariko. I too am in Japan. The general confusion over how to deal with nuclear waste is very stressful for the foreign population. After Mr. Trivedi’s Energy Transmission™, I no longer panic when the earthquake shaking is under 5 [on the Richter Scale]. I used to react at the first hint of tremors. My state of happiness is better and I am doing many more daring things and I feel less restricted by society. Thanks for taking away my fears.

Jane K.

The Monthly Enhancement Program™ [Energy Transmission] was very powerful. I felt the fear of future reduce dramatically, and the Ripple Effect™ has flowed to my son, my daughter, and to a boarder we took in to help.

Deborah M.

I am currently in Japan and working, and there is tremendous fear and uncertainty about the future because of the nuclear power plant situation. I feel this unsettled, fearful energy daily, however, I have been able to remain calm and relatively unaffected and go about what I need to do for people. I am very grateful for the Energy Transmission.

Mariko T.

The suggestion to release emotional trauma was great for me. Our family has been battling the cancer of our daughter and sister. I felt JOY wash over me. I felt the first stages of releasing this fear and heartache.

Charlotte C.

Even if I feel fear or am afraid of something I just think of Mr. Trivedi and it dissipates. He is without fear and his Divine strength is an amazing gift because we can lean on it as we transform.

Trinity M.

I went from a six-figure income to almost nothing, but I have absolutely no fear due to the Energy Transmissions and my connection to The Divine. I know all is well in the hands of The Divine. I can’t thank Mr. Trivedi enough.

Sri S.

I have never been happier since the retreat in Chicago. I’m now in the Houston, Texas area. My brother has stage 4 cancer and the doctors have given him less than two weeks to live. I don’t feel sad or depressed. I have been enjoying the fellowship of this wonderful family.

Darlene L.