Overall Transformation

I have been with the Master Energy Transmission Program from the beginning. I met Mr. Trivedi in June at first retreat in Chicago. I have been meditating for over 20 years. What I have experienced is more joy and more happiness. Last month I experienced 3 Master Energy Transmissions thanks to Mr. Trivedi’s birthday gift. I had the best month in my business in 10 years. Also, I met the love of my life in October; I am now in the best relationship in my life. Opportunities are increasing for me as well. My personal power, my insight, perception, and intuition have all increased more rapidly since I have been in the program. I want to thank Mr. Trivedi and the Divine for his gift to me and humanity. Blessing to you Mr. Trivedi, I love you.

Gagan H.

Relationships with family are more loving. Relationships with co-workers are more deep and trusting. My understanding of how my life’s new work is moving into my current life is starting to show. I experience more gratitude, peace, joy, and sound, deep sleep, resulting in more energy and a clear mind upon waking. It’s very interesting that, during my Chicago retreat Energy Transmissions, I was so filled with light on that Sunday night that in the morning when I awoke, not only was the whole room filled with bright light, but I was breathing differently. Since then I have been breathing differently. It feels like breaths are coming from deeper in my abdomen and I do not feel my diaphragm lungs moving like they used to do.

Linda B.

My desire in life was at an all time low. My level of health had deteriorated; blood sugars were over 300 (average 275) and I had no energy. I saw Mr. Trivedi in Chicago a month ago for two In-Person Energy Transmissions™. I started to connect with life again–cleaning the clutter from my house as well as my mind. After heading home from the Chicago Trivedi Retreat, I heard [through Divine guidance] that I must start juicing. My blood sugars are now at 105 on average. Now, I have clarity of mind, my intuition is greater, and I have visions of things before things happen. I have now lost 12 pounds since last Friday (the day the Retreat started!).

Kevin T.

Hello from Perth, Western Australia. My clients have been showing amazing results, relationships are altering in a very positive way within my family, my health is fantastic, and my skin has altered; I look radiant. Also, our garden is flourishing and abundant. We are so very grateful for all the changes that have, and are still, occurring. I definitely do believe that the Divine is using Mr. Trivedi for humanity’s healing. I love you.

Stephanie R.

Since attending the Trivedi Retreat, my fungus infections have gone! My relationships with my wife and son are much better now. I am no longer scared of heights, I am not worried as much about finances anymore, and I had a dream about how to help my family members and they are now implementing that dream. I am more spontaneous, etc. It is amazing. Thank you.

Hendra S.

My Energy Transmissions started at the end of January [2011]. So far I can see an improvement. Old emotional wounds are moving to the background, my mood has lifted, and I came out of a depression that I didn’t even know I had. My physical body is cleansing and old injuries are healing. In addition, my energy level is better, and I am walking and exercising now, which is quite a feat considering that I was disabled by a back injury for 13 years! I used to sleep only four hours a night and had chronic fatigue. Yesterday, I slept eight hours and the quality of sleep was very good and very deep; I now have a lot of energy and more mental acuity. I have gained the ability to handle stress better as well. I have more hope, happiness, and health. I am meditating more regularly and, as of late, I am gaining more understanding of my life purpose–this has helped me most of all. My goals and finances are improving, and I am in college. Your Energy Transmissions are very real, and they are working. Thank You.

Kimberly M.

I have been with Guruji for 4 years. These past 2 weeks, I have felt the energy becoming stronger. My life is starting to fall into place in amazing ways. I have just accepted an offer on my house and my life as a healer will now be able to flourish. I thank Guruji for this feeling of calm positivity that I live with every day. I look forward to receiving a phone call from Guruji and discussing the stumbling blocks that I still have on my path. Much Love and Gratitude and many blessings to everyone.


My life continues to be an amazing adventure with all the many Energy Transmissions I have received. I no longer feel driven to control outcomes. I trust all and expect the best is constantly unfolding. I’m constantly receiving healing energy to my spinal cord, and being told daily what an inspiration and miracle I am by total strangers, as well as family and friends. No more hot flashes, I have amazing sleep, and my mind chatter has gone. Also, I’ve experienced an amazing Ripple Effect™ with my family.

Donna A.

After attending Guruji’s conference in San Diego a number of years ago, I have had a couple of medical healings for which I am very grateful! Lately, I have noticed improvements in my state of mind, more efficient sleep and opportunities showing up in a timely manner. Thank you Guruji and Alice!

Victoria V.

I have delicious sleep almost every night. My cognitive abilities have improved so much, too. I express myself really well, my self-confidence is light-years ahead of what it used to be, and I make a lot more money than I ever have before in my life. Every area of my life is growing by leaps and bounds!

Margaret W.

My experience has been awesome!! I am feeling so at peace almost all the time. My finances are more stable and my relationship with my husband is improving everyday.

Cheri T.

Things are changing for the best in my life. Even my singing has improved. Thank you to all the Masters and thank you Guruji.

Suely M.

I had buzzing and tingling from the moment of the Energy Transmission onwards. I received unexpected money and wonderful feedback for my book I’m writing, and have felt loving, calm, and happy for no reason all week. Thank you.

Michele B.