Professional Or Vocational

A client asked me to send her a Remote Energy Transmission for her relationship. All I did was ask that some of this energy be directed to her–with no expectations. I did nothing else! She called and wrote that there had been an amazing transformation in her relationship that very day!

Margaret W.

I do massage and I notice that my work has improved and I am not affected by other people’s moods. I know I have more energy because I’m able to accomplish more during the day.

Lisa G.

Since the Energy Transmission, I have more energy and am open to learning new things and integrating them into my work. I have been really excited with my renewed energy. I also find myself to be more intuitive when working with my clients. Thank you.

Mariko T.

I would like to share that my sleep is consistently good, in spite of my increase in activity. I have had more job opportunities and my finances are definitely increasing. I have attracted many opportunities to serve every day.

Sharon P.

I had buzzing and tingling from the moment of the Energy Transmission onwards. I received unexpected money and wonderful feedback for my book I’m writing, and have felt loving, calm, and happy for no reason all week. Thank you.

Michele B.

A realtor friend started the Monthly Enhancement Program™. After last Sunday’s meeting, he got 28 million dollars in real estate to sell. He attributes it to The Trivedi Effect®.

Jean W.

Millions of thanks to Mr. Trivedi. My practice (business) improved a lot since the last call a week ago. Love and gratitude, Thomas Orban (Calgary – Canada).

Thomas O.