Two of my brothers who have had, or have, serious health problems are very open to my help. Ordinarily—as with brothers—they would be skeptical and inclined to make fun of me, but now they are almost child-like in the way they listen and respond to me. They seem to intuit that I can truly help them. They are revealing such tender sides! I am so grateful! Also, my friends greet me with large smiles and want me around. At first I was puzzled, but now I realize that it is the Ripple Effect™.

Eileen M.

My family-life is very relaxed and full of love!! My daughters are calm and their schoolwork is better. The relationship with my mother seems to have changed a lot since I’ve returned from L.A. My cat also is a very calm, understanding, lovely cat since she had her Pet Energy Transmission™! Thank you, Mr. Trivedi, for everything.

Carola S.

What I have noticed with this energy is that so many people, friends, and co-workers seem to go out of their way to speak to me. Almost every time this happens, this energy has given me the clarity and sensitivity to recognize that there is something within them that is interfering with their happiness. I then seem to always find the exact configuration of sentences to address whatever may be ailing their state of mind and ease their pain. To see people release their strife and walk away relieved is a blessing of its own. I know in my heart of hearts it really has nothing to do with me, but, rather, the energy working through this body. Thank you, Mr. Trivedi, for allowing us to be part of this ever-unfolding miracle; we are forever in your debt.

Lu C.

Dear Mr. Trivedi, thank you for the Energy Transmissions last week. I feel wonderful effects from the energy. I feel the strength of you as a catalyst to connect me to The Divine, and for the first time it is taking me into what feels like a personal relationship with the energy of Creation and God. This pulls my heart and my brain into a higher energy. I have been praying for more balance in my brain and, for the first time, it feels like parts of my brain that have been “asleep” are beginning to wake up. My whole family and my pet were also signed up for Energy Transmissions, and I am open now to see what The Ripple Effect™ for my family will be! Thank you, Mr. Trivedi, for all that you do for us.

Virginia M.

My son and daughter-in-law were very critical of everything I did. This left me feeling as if I was worthless and could do nothing right. Since receiving Energy Transmissions from Mr. Trivedi, there has been a remarkable change in their attitude toward me and their criticisms are few and fast becoming a thing of the past. Other people are drawn to me and often seek my opinion on important matters. I am truly gratified by all this change in my life and I look forward to even greater changes.

T. Mahadeo

I was suffering for several months after the break-up of a relationship. After Energy Transmissions and praying that I be freed from my past, one magical evening—across a crowded room—I connected with someone. While dancing together, I looked at him and he looked at me, and it was as if an asteroid hit the earth. We’re now seeing each other and having a lot of fun. The night after we spent the evening kissing, out of the blue, my ex-boyfriend called and left a message, almost as if he felt the connection with him broken. I never expected to hear from him again. I haven’t called him back, but it was so weird how he suddenly showed up again.

Jill H.

I began receiving Energy Transmissions the first week of May 2011, am part of the Healers Mastery Program™, and attended the Chicago Trivedi Retreat. During Master Gopal’s Energy Transmission™ at the retreat, I experienced the realization that my real parents are Mother/Father God, and my physical [biological] parents are just vehicles. This transformation has completely changed me as well as my relationship with my 90-year-old father. All negativity, judgment and dissatisfaction are gone. We laugh more and enjoy each other’s presence. With this most likely being our last summer together, these Energy Transmissions have given us an indescribable gift for the rest of our journey.

Kris F.

I just wanted to share that I have experienced a profound change in my way of relating to others and myself–my heart has been broken open and I’m experiencing a deeper and more heartfelt connection. People are very drawn to my light and inner strength and I’ve been cleaning out dysfunctional and addictive relationships. I’m creating new ways of relating–from a more supportive and loving way of interaction–to people that can hear and listen to my truth. It’s been a complete 180-degree turn compared to a year ago. I’m more free and loving with people. Thank you, Mr. Trivedi, for the work you do.

Jill B.

My husband and I have been together for 38 years and we have established a lot of dysfunctional patterns over the years. As I change, I am no longer able to tolerate these patterns. I now have the ability to express myself in a way that is changing things for both of us in a very good way. I have more self-confidence and self-worth now, and he is growing, too. The process doesn’t always look pretty, but many things have been resolving between us and he is starting to feel that he is truly loved in a way that he hadn’t before.

Margaret W.

There have been remarkable changes in my relationships, but I would like to talk about something that happened this week in particular. I sent a birthday card to my sister–I thought about how she had helped me all my life and sent a card thanking her. She called me the day after her birthday telling me that, when she received the card, all the barriers that she had put up towards people and the world came tumbling down, and she was in tears; she really felt total love towards everybody. Her voice sounded completely different and she was laughing so happily. What a transformation for her! This is indeed The Ripple Effect™! Thank you to The Divine and to Mr. Trivedi for his wonderful Energy Transmissions.

Lynette M.

A transformation happened between my ex-husband and me. For the first time we sat in the living room of our son’s home with his family, our daughter, her fiancée, and my ex-husband’s wife, and we all talked together as friends. It was an absolute first! My daughter also noticed and was as happy as I was. We are family, and now we are comfortable being in the same room talking. We were divorced almost 30 years ago—a long time. Thank you so much for all the Energy Transmissions that have affected our whole family.

Sue R.

My son was in the habit of criticizing everything I did, and my daughter-in-law picked up where he left off. Since receiving Mr. Trivedi’s Energy Transmissions™, there has been a very marked change in their attitude towards me and the criticisms are very few and far between now. Additionally, I no longer allow them to get under my skin as I have greater awareness and deeper understanding of my own power. Thank you, Mr. Trivedi, ever so much! There is more peace in my home now.

Tyler M.

I work with children and adults. Children have always been attracted to me, but even more so now. The adults are now turning toward me with such openhearted expectations of leadership and authority. It is all very warm. More people who were engaging me superficially, and who have conflict with the concept of the spiritual, have drifted away. I’m okay with this; my daily increase of spiritual connection is strong and is drawing other people to me. They are attracted to the radiance, clearly. I am very comfortable and happy with these gentle changes.

Sharon P.

Dear Mr. Trivedi, I am writing to thank you for a very deep healing with my mother. It has been a beautiful experience growing closer with her as a result of your very deep Energy Transmissions. It has been a difficult relationship in the past, but has become much, much more loving and understanding from both sides. It has taken me to the depths of happiness as a person, and has helped take me to that depth of happiness in my marriage as well. You are truly a Godsend. Thank you! I love you very, very much.


My awareness and consciousness has improved so much since receiving the Energy Transmissions. I have a much more loving relationship with my daughter–I can hardly count all the benefits!! I am looking forward to coming to the November Trivedi Retreat in Los Angeles in person (for the first time)! Thank you so much.

Sieghilde K.

People are very drawn to me anywhere I go–it seems that people who would normally not acknowledge me are now doing so, but the curious thing is that strangers are very friendly too. It is really a great feeling to think that the world is changing because we are. I am so grateful to Mr. Trivedi and The Divine for this opportunity on this planet and to witness this amazing change in humanity.

Faith P.

I looked into the eyes of one of my best friends as she told me about all her pain of not having success with her ex-marriage and prospective partners. I felt a rush of compassion with no thoughts. The next day she and a high school classmate met and declared themselves to be soulmates. She said it felt out of the blue; never even imagined by her. They are doing great together.

Katherine B.

I am able to speak the truth and be okay with it around my family—something that has not been easy for me in my life. Before, my usual way of dealing with negative personalities and comments was to either remain quiet, or leave the area and wander alone to block the negativity. Right now I feel I am able to defend others and myself from some members of my family that are tearing us apart.

Amy O.

I no longer have patience for my friends who are sick and needy and dependent, but have great compassion for those who are aware and taking responsibility for their choices. Many harmful relationships have fallen away, yet I feel much closer with the friends who are loving, open, and responsible. And I’ve met some new friends with whom I feel closely bonded to almost immediately.

Janis B.

I am a participant in the MEP and MET programs and have received many Remote Individual Transmissions, attended Trivedi Retreats, and have participated in Special Prayers and most other special events. Since May 15, the transformations for me have been dramatic and in fast momentum, to say the least. My environment and relationships are being purged, cleansed, and balanced. My well-wishers and opposition are exposing themselves to me. The mirror they reflect back to me shows my own flaws and all is becoming clearer to understand and accept. My energy is more balanced.

Shantaya R.