I have just celebrated my 20th wedding anniversary. I like my husband more today than the day I married him. Our relationship feels really wonderful and we are both very happy! The blessings have certainly brought joy and peace into our marriage.

Teresa L.

My personal relationship has improved and I am now being supported (by my family) in this program. I look forward to each day and all of the possibilities.

Tom S.

Since having around 20 Energy Transmissions, I’ve noticed that my connection to my Creator has increased amazingly on a very personal level. Thank you so much, Mr. Trivedi.

Thomas W.

The relationships with my children are closer and there seems to be an easier flow with them. Thank you.

Gary G.

My relationships are deeper and more honest. My 26-year-old son has finally moved closer to me for the first time since he began to live with his father when he was 2 1/2 years old. It’s a dream come true to have a closer relationship with him. I continue to be amazed with the energy I receive from Mr. Trivedi’s Energy Transmissions. I am so grateful! Thank You, Mr. Trivedi.

Sharon P.

I have had three blessings, this being my fourth, and I have had an amazing opportunity arrive and am hoping it actually manifests this week. My relationship that I thought was over is now like a new one. I feel happier than ever in my life and am experiencing a child-like feeling.

Cher F.

Since receiving Energy Transmissions (starting in May) I am able to connect with others from a much deeper place of authenticity and compassion. Eternal Gratitude to Mr. Trivedi and The Divine for this accelerated Path of Wonders.

Ellia M.

I give lots of love and affection to my husband of 37 years. We are closer than ever. We never speak bad about each other like I hear many other people talk about their spouse.

Patricia R.

People are more aware of me; they acknowledge me more. I can send them good energy and uplift them. My friends seek my company now more than before as well. Even my dog is more attentive to me!

Judy S.

While at a family event with relatives I don’t see often, I was invited to participate in activities at least four different times. I never felt left out, as I usually do. For example, I usually feel bullied by one uncle. His tactics didn’t work this time.

Julie K.

People seem to want to “hang out” with me and they don’t even know why. I do: The Ripple Effect™. I even see children stare at me in a different way.

Tamara P.