I have felt so energized ever since the retreat, and can’t wait for the next one. In addition to my knee problem that has felt better since my second Energy Transmission last year, I have found that I have needed less sleep; I feel confident and am on the right path spiritually. I have less stress about things that I used to worry about. I just feel more joy in nature now rather than occupying my mind with finances or other problems. Thank you, Mr. Trivedi, for all you are doing for us. I am humbled and very grateful.

Kris E.

I feel inner-peace and calmness in situations where I used to feel uncomfortable (calm on the outside, tense on the inside). What bliss to experience the inner stress melt away, and be able to enjoy just “being.” There is no question in my mind that this is due to The Trivedi Effect®. I have lived long enough to test a variety of ways to obtain this inner-peace. Perhaps some relief, at times, but nothing near The Trivedi Effect®. It did, and does, the job–I am ever so grateful.

Anne L.

Being an empath of the Japan incident, it was hard on me before the retreat. During the retreat, one of the things I’ve noticed is that I felt very insulated. Once the retreat was over, it seemed to hit me again ’til I had an In-Person Energy Transmission, and after that it did not affect me as much anymore. Of course, I was still concerned for the people, but I didn’t feel their pain as intensely as before.

Kris E.

I am so grateful to Guruji, Alice and Gopal. During the Energy Transmission I felt so peaceful. Since our last workshop, I am more confident in handling stressful situations and am able to manage them with more ease. I am very grateful for feeling this way. I have more patients and I feel calmer and more joyful. I am doing more things than I thought I ever could. Thank you so much.

Sue A.

I am very grateful for my first Master Energy Transmission™. Although I didn’t have any physical sensation at the time, since then my life is smooth and very peaceful. It seems that events happen to my advantage. Also, all my worries, fears, and anxieties are gone. I feel serene.

Roya D.

The energy has been amazing and I have been seeing my consciousness change rapidly. I have been tested since May on certain life occurrences and have been handling them so much better than before.

Aileen L.

I am so happy to report that I am extraordinarily calm and stress-free, regardless what challenges I meet. It feels so good and I am very thankful.

Marie-Anne K.