The Ripple Effect

I have been receiving Energy Transmissions since June 23rd, 2010. My sleep is short, but very deep and relaxing. I also rise earlier in the AM. My personal relationship has improved, and I am being supported (by my family) in this program. I look forward to each day and all of the possibilities.

Tom S.

I began receiving Energy Transmissions the first week of May 2011, am part of the Healing Masters Program™, and attended the Chicago retreat. During Master Gopal’s Energy Transmission™ at the retreat, I experienced the realization that my real parents are Mother/Father God, and my physical [biological] parents were just a vehicle. This transformation has completely changed me and my relationship with my 90 year-old father. All negativity, judgment, and dissatisfaction are gone. We laugh more and enjoy each other’s presence. With this most likely being the last summer together, these Energy Transmissions have given us an indescribable gift for the rest of our journey.

Kris F.

People are very drawn to me anywhere I go–it seems that people who would normally not acknowledge me are now doing so, but the curious thing is that strangers too are very friendly. It is really a great feeling to think that the world is changing because we are. I am so grateful to Mr. Trivedi and the Divine for this opportunity on this planet, to be completely involved in the beginning of the Aquarian Age, and to witness this amazing change in humanity.

Faith P.

My son and daughter in-law lost their dog of 11 years–they had to put him down due to lung cancer! When they called to tell me, my daughter in-law was so distraught I actually felt her pain. I was speechless for about a minute while my emotions became similar to hers. Then, for some reason, immediately I could let that energy go. It seemed to transmute, and my daughter came out of it too. She was completely healed with no more sadness about the incident.

Lynette M.

Dear Mr. Trivedi, I am writing to thank you for a very deep healing with my mother. It has been a beautiful experience growing closer with her as a result of your very deep Energy Transmissions. It has been a difficult relationship in the past, but has become much, much more loving and understanding from both sides. It has taken me to the depths of happiness as a person, and has helped take me to that depth of happiness in my marriage as well. You are truly a Godsend. Thank you! I love you very, very much.

Laura F.

I attended the retreat by web. I am a therapist and I feel a high increase of the amount of energy in my work; people feel my presence calming and relaxing. More people are coming to ask for my services. I do not know how to explain this change, but the changes are so high. My mood has changed, my feelings, my points of view–everything. I am just waiting to have money to subscribe to the Healing Master Program™. I know it must be my next step. I am so, so grateful to you, Mr. Trivedi, and very grateful to the Divine to find you and have you close to my life. Thank you, forever. English is not my first language, but I hope I expressed my experience in a good way.

Agueda B.

My life is going from strange to stranger. I am a massage therapist. Not only is my healing getting stronger, but my clients are having much of the Ripple Effect™; it’s been amazing. This is what I do: laughter and tears at the same time.

Abla E.

My best friend was in phase 4 of a rare, terminal cancer when I went to the June (Chicago) retreat, and I kept her in mind. Oncology testing in July showed she had no trace of cancer. Also, her passion is baking. Her father was a professional baker and taught her when she was very young. She’s never had a baking job, and I’ve been promoting it with her because it is her dream. It took many weeks for her to create me a perfect, gluten-free, blueberry muffin recipe. She brought a test batch to her oncologist’s office for taste testing and, even though they weren’t on gluten-free diets, everyone said they were spectacular. She sat next to a guy for her bone test who asked if she is a professional baker. She said, “Fat chance! No baking expert; cancer.” The man called his friend, who owns a muffin business, and gave her a high recommendation to hire her. She said there were so many coincidences that day; it had to be from a higher power. I’ve never heard her speak of coincidences or higher power.

Joanne D.

The Energy Transmissions are] helping my husband and son also. I am truly grateful to Mr. Trivedi and you all.

Deborah M.

Regarding tonight’s topic, relationships, people seem to want to “hang out” with me and they don’t even know why. I do: the Ripple Effect™. I even see children stare at me in a different way.

Tamara P.