Things Working Out

Besides experiencing many of the commonly cited benefits, I’ve experienced wonderful sleep, much more self-confidence, better finances, improved family relationships, more reliable intuition and wisdom, people being drawn to me, etc., and I have this wonderful sense that I am on track with my soul’s purpose in being in the Master Healers Program™. I never have to worry about how any of my needs will be met anymore, I just ask the energy for what is needed and forget about it! I feel so blessed and so taken care of! I am changing and transforming from the inside out. Thank you so much for this program, Guruji.

Margaret W.

Receiving Energy Transmissions regularly prepared me to go assist people in the earthquake and tsunami-torn area of Japan. Everything I have planned began to fall into place without any difficulty, and I am very grateful and I trust that Mr. Trivedi’s energy will assist me while I am working with people. Thank you.

M. Tanaka

The past 4 days have been particularly hard emotionally for me–I literally was beside myself, but what a difference a day can make! To my surprise and disbelief, I feel completely cleansed like I’m beginning over again in a new direction spiritually.


I have been in the MEP for about 2 years. I have purchased my first home recently and will be moving in next month. Yesterday, I booked my tickets for a visit home to Maine in September. I am so proud of myself for doing, as I haven’t been home for about 20 years! Thank you Trivedi Family for helping me move forward with all of my plans.

Joanne C.

I’ve had a few Energy Transmissions–two MEP Transmissions and recently an In-Person Individual Energy Transmission. Before the Transmissions, I had little success with job interviews and lost confidence in myself with one particularly bad interview experience. During the latest Transmission, I asked for help with my confidence and job interview success, and I felt I performed better in the next interview I had. Two weeks later I got a job offer and will start work tomorrow. I could just be getting better in my interview skills, but it could also be the result of the Energy Transmissions. Thank you, Mr. Trivedi, Some other things I asked for–like better relations with family and meeting my soul mate–haven’t gone through yet, but getting the job has made me more confident that these things will happen too.

Jonathan H.

I received incredible energy from last week’s Energy Transmission. I purchased a log cabin in the country over the weekend, and before we left the area we purchased fruit trees from a nursery! As we drove out, a beautiful rainbow appeared. A spiritual friend, who is also our neighbor, said this rainbow appeared over and into our new property! He took a photo and sent it to us. He said his mind is totally boggled at how everything has worked out for us in a period of six weeks. Additionally, this friend organized for our cat to be looked after while we are away for a period of seven weeks, and the only time slot that was not suitable was the exact time that we would be back home and can look after her ourselves! No wonder this friend is totally in awe! Divine Timing to perfection! One could say totally Blessed! Thank you, Mr. Trivedi, for this wonderful opportunity; you are truly God-Given and working as His Divine Instrument.

Lynette M.

People in the street say hi to me first –it’s like they are eager to do so. I used to feel invisible, but now more people look at me. The other day I went to an auto parts depot to buy wiper blades, I asked the man if they came with directions, and he helped me to change the blades. This was in an auto-dealership that usually charges for every little thing! That was so cool.

Judy S.