Trivedi Healers

I feel with all my heart we are here to love and to bless others, but most of us cannot bear enough of the [energy] current to help others as much as we might like to. I feel so excited and blessed that these Energy Transmissions increase the capacity in us to love and serve the world. I want nothing more than this, to be of service to The Divine as The Divine sees fit, and I am thankful that this is a way we can all move toward that goal. Thank you, Mr. Trivedi.

Christine E.

I was recently on a Trivedi call. Since then, my garden has been growing like crazy. It always grew well for me, but now I have so many tomatoes on the vines I’ve had to give them extra support to keep from breaking. I only have enough cucumbers planted to climb two sections of privacy fence, but I’ve already picked over 150 cucumbers and more are coming. Just from the one call I see a Ripple Effect™ in my life and the life of those around me. Life is fantastic.

Abla E.

Amazing! I did an [Energy Transmission] experiment with okra and my plant looks smaller and greener than the control!

Fabio Massimo P.